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Nights Out Minibus

If you are using Blackburn coach hire, then perhaps you want to enjoy the night-life that the town has to offer. There are many great clubs and pubs in Blackburn, including the popular Liquid & Envy and Jazzy Kex Nite Club. If you are on a night out in a place that you don’t know with your friends, it’s important that all your transport needs are sorted out. Hiring a minibus/coach can definitely be the right choice to make because the driver will take you wherever you need to go and will likely have extensive knowledge of the area.

Another advantage of having a driver and minibus, is that you and all your friends can drink alcohol! There is nothing worse than having an awesome night out arranged, only for one person not being able to enjoy it properly due to being the designated driver. You can guarantee that you will get home safely too, some people don’t like getting into taxis in towns that are strange to them. Whether you are out with a group of girls, boys or a mixed sex group – Blackburn has ample opportunity for a great night out.

With us at, we make minibus hire easy. You can depend on us to charge you a fixed fee, which will fully be discussed with you before we help you get to/from your destination. The price will remain the same, no matter how many drop offs we make along the way. We can also pick you up right from the comfort of your own home and the group doesn’t need to be picked up from the same location, which should make it easier for everyone involved.

Our vehicles will make GETTING to the location a lot more fun and you can already start to get the party started in the bus. Music will be played in the minibuses or you could even watch a DVD if you would prefer! Our driver can even give you advice on the best places to go in Blackburn, after-all they are used to the local area. Many minibus hire companies are wary about taking out those looking for a good night, at Blackburn coach hire however we welcome it! Get in touch today to arrange all the details of the services that you need.